Liar! Event Flirt Time/ Appeal Time Questions

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There are Lifestyle, Beauty, Gourmet, Wedding, Fashion and Event questions. They all worth the same points. The type of question is indicated on the bottom right of the question.

  • Lifestyle:

Traveling tomorrow! What shouldn’t you do when packing your suitcase?

-C. Put heavy stuff on top.

Get cold easily? Ginger’s your new BFF! What way is the most effective?

-D. Chinese soup with powdered ginger.

A must before bed! Which of these can improve your sleep quality?

-B. Stretching on your bed.

What is the best way to keep your teeth clean?

-D. Avoid rinsing after brushing your teeth.

Which of the following pillow materials shouldn’t go in the washing machine?

-D. Cotton Stuffing

Wanna sleep but can’t? Which of the following shouldn’t you do?

-C. Drink green tea

Which of the following shouldn’t you do when hanging a cotton duvet cover to dry outside?

-A. Smack the dust off.

Your suede shoes got dirty! What’s the best way to clean them?

-A. Rub the stain off with an eraser.

When traveling abroad, which of these can’t you take on a plane?

-D. Pudding

Vacationing in Europe! What’s a possible blunder when eating soup?

-C. Always eating it front to back.

What is unlikely to shrink when you put laundry in the dryer?

-C. Towel

What type of broom material has the same effect as waxing your floor just by sweeping?

-C. Hemp palm

What’s the wrong way to take care of your mattress?

-B. Air it out in direct sunlight.

When having English afternoon tea, what shouldn’t you do?

-B. Eat cakes before scones.

What’s a gesture that’s not okay to do in the UK?

-B. Reverse peace sign

Which of these can be used to fix a stinky sink?

-D. A copper coin


  • Beauty:

You’re making a fruits facial mask! Which fruit will help retain moisture?

-D. Apples

You want shampoo to soothe your scalp. What surface-active agent should you avoid?

-A. Sodium lauryl sulfate

Beauty lingo! What is ‘ceramide’ good for?

-A. Moisturizing

What’s a reverse French manicure?

-B. Painting the base of the nail instead of the tip.

Beauticians love collagen, but what is it, exactly?

-C. Hydrolyzed gelatin

Pimple alert! What should you NOT eat if you want to avoid pimples?

-D. Chocolate

What type of Hawaiian massage “kneads and soothes” the body?

-B. Lomi Lomi massage

You got a little too much sun during the weekend. What is the best way to treat a sunburn?

-A. Use aloe lotion.

Curse the day pimples came into your life! What is your go-to color for your concealer?

-C. Green

To get that extra glow, detox! What is the best way to drink a detox drink?

-D. Don’t eat anything besides detox drinks.

Your nail polish is too thick and you can’t use it! What should you do?

-B. Add few drops of eye drops

You’re on a diet, but you’re craving a yummy hamburger. What do you order?

-A. Portobello burger

Which of the following facts on nails is NOT true?

-A. Nails need air to breathe.

Your BMI, tells you the amount of body fat based on height. How do you calculate your BMI?

-A. Weight(lbs) : (Height(ft) x Height(ft))

You want to treat your dry skin. What facial mask should you use?

-B. Cream based

If your body’s swollen from too much water and sodium intake, what should you drink?

-B. Rooibos tea

You’re on a low-carb diet. What should you not eat?

-B. Potato salad

What does ‘detox’ mean in the beauty and health world?

-B. Remove toxins

Skincare 101: Which is the proper way to wash your face?

-C. Whip up the face wash & gently stroke as you wash it off.

Mistakes have the opposite effect! Which is the correct method for applying face lotion?

-D. Press it in with your palms.

After washing your face, what’s the 2nd cosmetic you should put on your face?

-D. Beauty essence   (The steps are: Face lotion, essence, moisturizer and cream)

You’re on a diet, but want to drink. What should you order?

-A. Whiskey

For proper skin care, what cosmetic should you first put on after you wash your face?

-B. Face lotion (The steps are: Face lotion, essence, moisturizer and cream)

What is collagen NOT good for?

-C. Stronger immune system

Shedding much? Which of these drying methods can damage your hair?

-B. Using a dryer set to ‘hot.’

After washing your face, what’s the 3rd cosmetic you should put on your face?

-C. Moisturizer (The steps are: Face lotion, essence, moisturizer and cream)

What do ‘macrobiotics’ do in the health and beauty world?

-A. Help you live longer.

After washing your face, what’s the 4th cosmetic you should put on your face?

-A. Cream (The steps are: Face lotion, essence, moisturizer and cream)

Recently, your makeup seems to fade easily off your face. What should you do?

-D. Lather your face with lotion and moisturize!

Which of the following fruits can reduce swelling in your limbs?

-B. Peaches

Which of the following is wrong for putting on sunscreen?

-C. Applying just before going out

What color of foundation is best for people with ashen skin?

-A. Orange

Which of the following will give your skin a healthy glow?

-B. Vitamin C

Which of the following is not a spicy pepper?

-C. Paprika


  • Gourmet:

Which of the following is bad manners at a solemn occasion like a wedding reception?

-A. Eating the bread ASAP

What’s the Korean soup dish made with boiled ox meat and bones?

-C. Seolleongtang

Which of the following is NOT appropriate table etiquette?

-D. Using chopsticks to serve

What does drinking red wine say about you?

-D. Relaxed

Which is NOT appropriate drinking etiquette?

-D. Drinking before a toast

What must you NOT do when someone pours wine for you at a restaurant?

-A. Lift the glass

How do you know when chicken is fully cooked?

-A. The juices run clear

Which of the following is not an ingredient in a Cobb salad?

-A. Pineapple

What does drinking a Margarita say about you?

-B. Fun loving

What can you do with chopsticks?

-B. Spear chicken

What does drinking a fireball say about you?

-C. Feisty

You’re having a dinner party! What do you offer your guests first?

-B. A drink

You’re enjoying a full-course Italian meal. What’s the proper way to eat your soup?

-A. Scoop by moving your spoon away from you.

What does drinking a long island iced tea say about you?

-A. Bold

What’s a delicious secret ingredient in curry?

-B. Chocolate

Your eyes are tired… What should you eat for lunch?

-C. Liver & chives stir-fry

What does drinking a sherry say about you?

-A. Adventurous

What are utensils like knives and forks otherwise referred to as?

-D. Cutlery

You and your beau at a high-class restaurant! He pours you some wine…

-A. Raise your glass & make eye contact

What does drinking a scotch say about you?

-D. Sophisticated

Which of the following dishes comes first in a six course meal?

-D. Hors d’oeuvres

Which of the listed drinks is known as “the Queen of the Cocktails”?

-C. Bloody Mary

What does the dish arrabbiata mean in Italian?

-A. Angry

Where do you put silverware after you’ve finished a meal?

-B. At slight angle across plate

Which of the listed drinks is known as “the King of the Cocktails”?

-B. Martini

When you want seafood pasta, what should you order?

-B. Pescatore

What kind of soup should you eat when you’re sick?

-B. Chicken noodle soup

How should you NOT throw away cooking oil?

-A. Pour it down the drain

Which of the following does not belong on a skewer?

-A. Chives

You’ve dropped your fork at a high-class restaurant! What do you do?

-B. Let the wait staff get it

The ‘five grains’ are choc full of vitamins. Where does this name originate?

-C. They’re the most common

Canola blossoms are eaten in spring. What’s their greatest benefit?

-A. Reduce constipation

What’s the best temperature for drinking a glass of red wine?

-C. 57-64F

Drinking too much coffee can contribute to which of these diseases?

-A. Osteoporosis

What popular dessert started as a ration for 16th century sailors?

-A. Pudding

Which of the following has no best-by date?

-D. Ice cream

Which of the following pizzas was made with the Italian flag in mind?

-C. Margherita


  • Wedding:

Which of these is a corsage worn on the left breast of a suit?

-A. Boutonniere

You need the “4Cs” in order to check a diamonds quality. Which is NOT one of the 4Cs?

-C. Complexity

What kind of present should you NOT give at a wedding?

-C. Gift cards

When RSVPing to a wedding, what should you NOT do?

-C. Use punctuation marks in message

Your best friend’s sent a wedding invite. What color pen should you RSVP with?

-D. Black

What should you NOT do at a wedding reception?

-B. Get wasted

Your friend’s sent you a wedding invite! When should you RSVP by?

-A. Within 1 week

Tomorrow’s your friend’s wedding! What shoes should you wear?

-A. Pumps

You’ve been invited to a wedding! What kind of dress should you wear?

-C. Something simple

Which of the following is NOT part of the tradition that a bride wears?

-C. Something pink

Which type of dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust?

-D. Empire line

In Europe, what sort of weather is lucky for a wedding?

-C. Rainy


  • Fashion:

Which of these is a short jacket?

-A. Jerkin

What do you call shorts that look like a skirt?

-B. Skorts

What do you call a style where you layer up?

-C. Layering fashion

What is opal hair?

-A. Pale, jewel-colored hair

What do you call a purse without straps?

-C. Clutch bag

What type of sleeves makes you look slim?

-D. Ruffled sleeves

Which of the following is a two-stranded braid?

-A. Fishtail braid

What’s a shawl-like item you wear during winter?

-A. Tippet

How do you call a “print on print” style?

-C. Tacky chic

Three-quarter-length pants with a wide & loose hem are called…?

-A. Gaucho pants

What does “fast fashion” mean?

-D. Trendy and affordable

Which of these can lighten your freckles?

-C. Lemon juice

What animal does mohair come from?

-B. Goat


  • Event:

Which flower says “I hate you” when given?

-A. Orange lilies

What is a bad Valentine’s day gift?

-C. Huge stuffed gorilla

Besides White Day, what day is March 14th?

-D. Pie Day

What does regular chocolate contain that white chocolate doesn’t?

-B. Cocoa mass

Where did White Day originate?

-C. Japan



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