Review: Liar! Mr.Right’s Lovers Route Epilogue (SPOILERS)

Spoilers below. Continue with caution.





Just finished Mr.Right’s Lovers Route Epilogue today. I know that epilogues only have 3 chapters but boy was it worth it. This epilogue just further proves that he’s the ideal man for MC.

MC and Itaru really do make a cute couple. When he told MC that he never dreamed she’d be waiting for him at the airport, I was like: Bro you’ve waited all those years for MC, this is nothing. MC and Itaru were invited to their elementary class reunion party and of course, MC did not want to go. After telling MC that they will be opening the time capsule filled with everyone’s dreams they’ve written down when they were young, Itaru persuaded MC to go anyway since she did not remember what she wrote and was curious. At the party, MC bumped into the her first crush who turned her down because he was disgusted at the sight of her covered in mud. He even called her a loser back then. The asshole starts flirting with her and asking for her number. Hahahaha no. Then he told Itaru that he will return to being the fat guy that everyone hates one day. Douchey much? Sir your fashion sense is horrible and you’re ugly inside and out. I was so ready to punch this guy in the face.

What really made my blood boil was when Itaru and MC were having a date at the park. MC made a flower crown and a girl told her that it was beautiful so MC put it on the girl’s head for her. Then the girl’s mother suddenly starts screaming out of nowhere and told MC off for talking to her kid. She told MC not to put that disgusting and filthy thing on her daughter’s head and proceed to throw it on the ground and step on it. Hearing her mother say that, the girl also told MC that it is ugly and she doesn’t want it anymore. Poor MC, she finally made something and it got crushed in a matter of seconds. What’s worse is that the couple spotted MC’s first crush there as well and turns out he was the girl’s dad?!  What is this? Muroi Kunio 2.0? With a mom and a dad like that, this family’s got problems. That douchebag even told MC: “You can take the redneck out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the redneck”. He even said that he remembered MC rolling around in mud like a PIG. Oh excuse you. I wanted Itaru to go “No more Mr.Niceguy” and just freaking slap him in the face. MC did get her revenge by telling his wife that he was hitting on her so I guess I was satisfied enough. Upon hearing that, his daughter called him a pig. Haha, who’s the pig now.


The couple continued with their date. Turns out MC’s dream she put in the time capsule was that she wanted to be Cinderella. MC thought it was very childlish but Itaru surprised her for their 1 month anniversary by giving her a glass slipper of her own. Aww this guy. He can be a little over the top and cheesy but that is just adorable.

The CG was beautiful. I love the lights and Itaru’s smile just hits right in the heart. Itaru is the guy who loves MC for who she is and help her feels better about her past. I love how he stood up for MC all the time and although he teases MC a lot, he blushes easily when he’s teased back. This epilogue is super cute and the mini-proposal at the end just made it even better.


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