Notice Me Senpai! Update: Pajama Party


Yes guys, the new update is here. We are having a Pajama Party here at the cafe and it is packed with new stuff.

  • New Mini-Game: The adorable pillow fight mini-game. Earn 1 pillow for each senpai you hit and then trade 100 pillows for an eyemask for senpai. The event will end soon though so hurry up! :))
  • New Items: Everything for your slumber party: Sleeping Bag, Chips, Board Games, Softdrinks, Blanket, Bean Bag, Body Pillow, Spa Set, Fluffy Pillows, Boombox and Pillow Fort.
  • New BGs: We have 2 new cafe themes: Cute Bedroom and Modern Bedroom. Each costs 225 gems. I just bought Cute Bedroom and it is blue and it’s teddy bear themed and I just love it.
  • New Clothes: Pajamas (200 gems) and Sleepwear (160 gems) for each senpai.
  • New Senpai: tumblr_okfv1ddfwm1tm90bqo1_1280

Spoiler Alert: If you want to figure out who this senpai is yourself then don’t scroll down






He is Jae-senpai, the Breakdance Senpai. His favorite item is the Boombox. I woke up at 4 A.M today to see him DABBING next to the boombox and I was like: “Dude…seriously…” Apparently his dream is to dab with moose. Well okay then.

Thank you for reading this update of Notice Me Senpai! Bye bye for now :))


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