Notice Me Senpai! Update: Valentine’s Day

Yes guys, get ready for loads of hearts and chocolate because the Valentine’s Day update is here. Spoiler for new senpai at the end of this post. You have been warned XD


  • New Mini-Game: Make Chocolate for senpai. Make 3 chocolates to complete a box, decorate them and then give it to senpai to get a gift on White Day (March 14).
  • New Items: Heart of Roses, Wishing Fountain, Macarons, Vespa, Heart Candles, Flower Cart, Valentine’s Coffee Set, Millefuelle, Small Robot, Flower Swing Set (with an Ai-senpai statue which is adorable.), Gondola and Spaghetti Meal Set.
  • New BGs: Venetian Cafe (A nice and simple background)
  • New Clothes: Valentine’s Hearts (160 gems) and Venetian Boatman Outfit (140 gems) for each senpai.
  • New Senpai:16754036_1250765815020251_1956518479_n

Spoiler Alert: If you want to figure out who this senpai is yourself then don’t scroll down.







He is Seiichi-senpai, the Robotics Club Senpai. His favorite item is the Small Robot (100 gems).

Thank you for reading this update of Notice Me Senpai! Bye bye for now :))


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