Notice Me Senpai! Update: White Day Event

Curious about what senpai got you for White Day? Clad in white suits, these charming men are ready to return your love! (No new senpai for this update!)


  • White Day Gifts: If you gave senpai chocolate during the Valentine’s Day event, he will give you an adorable charm when he visits the cafe. Collect all 34 charms for a CG with all the senpais in it! Here’s a glimpse of it featuring Tea Ceremony Senpai trying to steal a gnome for no reason whatsover: 17354725_1285036191593213_1936872961_n
  • New Items: Decorations for your garden (though there is no new cafe theme in this update T-T) such as: Flamingo, Tulip, Gardening Tools, Gnome, Corgi (this little guy is amazingly cute.), Watermill, Wheelbarrow, Succulent, Topiary, Flower Garden Box, Stone Bench and Gazebo.
  • New Clothes: Gardener Outfit (140 gems) and Gardener Hat (80 gems). Each senpai will also get a White Day Outfit for FREE!

Thank you for reading this update of Notice Me Senpai! Bye bye for now :))


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